Theme Park Musical Water Fountain Display

Liquid Fireworks are the world’s leading theme park musical water fountain display experts. Our family invented the dancing fountain over 70 years ago and we now exclusively manufacture these spectacular productions. Each design combines beauty and grace to give your audience an unforgettable experience. They can be adapted to any setting and work equally well when placed outdoors or indoors.

Our displays can be seen in theme parks around the world, including Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios. The experience we have gained working in this industry is unrivalled and you are welcome to get in touch for proof of reliability; maintenance and operating costs are kept to a minimum, with shows running for months at a time with little service required.

Theme Park Musical Water Fountain Display

Theme Park Musical Water Fountain DisplayHow will a musical fountain benefit my theme park?

Brightly coloured water dances across the sky in perfect time with the music, enthralling guests and bringing in large crowds. Our fountain displays will transform any venue, adding tremendous value and/or revenue stream to any business. Create a public sensation with a water show that has all the thrills of a fireworks show yet is calming to behold.

Every system we install is unique and with a bespoke show you will providing guests with a fresh and exciting show. Choose a routine that reflects your park and enjoy a high rate of repeat customers since our fountains offer the best entertainment value for money. We are committed to excellence and guarantee outstanding customer service; our reputation and family name depends on us being the best!

Our team is more than happy to discuss the benefits of our musical water fountain displays!

We are passionate about the services we provide so if you have any questions about ordering a display for your theme parks,
please call (239) 574-5181 or contact us online and we’d be happy to help.