The Przystawik family, founders of Waltzing Waters®, originated the musical fountain concept over 70 years ago.

  • Over 60 patents pertaining exclusively to musical fountain design have been granted to us through the years.
  • Waltzing Waters®, Inc. has more experience creating musical fountain spectaculars than anyone else in the world.
  • We offer the greatest entertainment value for the money found anywhere.

Many types of fountain products, including Waltzing Waters ® shows, can be seen throughout the world in theme parks and other public venues. However, unique to Waltzing Waters ®, our shows also appear as totally self-standing, money making attractions. These shows are of such quality, people are willing to pay to see them. In addition, these venues also boast a very high rate of repeat customers – the holy grail of any business.

To our knowledge, only Waltzing Waters ® has produced musical fountain shows of such quality, they can stand alone on their own merit, and generate capital by charging admission. For more details, contact us.

We can provide references illustrating how Waltzing Waters ® shows have run for years with little maintenance. Proof of reliability is not based on words, but on what’s actually out in the field. Others may claim their products are reliable, but we have the references to prove it.

We are always willing to openly discuss the benefits of our designs and how our shows and equipment differ from all other fountain products on the market.

Virtually any venue serving the public can benefit from a Waltzing Waters ® show

They are a proven crowd pleaser featuring minimal maintenance and operating costs. If your business wants to create a public sensation, give us call!