Shopping Mall Musical Fountain Shows

Our shopping mall musical fountain shows stand alone on their own merit. They are such amazing quality that audiences are more than willing to pay for them and they offer the best entertainment value for money on the market. Venues such as shopping malls that serve the public can benefit greatly from one or more of our dancing fountains. Operating costs and maintenance are kept to a minimum with our reliable, versatile invention.

All over the world, restaurants, lakes, parks and shopping centers are being transformed by the beauty of musical water and light shows. We can install them indoors or outdoors on any scale, location is not an issue! Whether it is floating on a body of water or set on a platform, a musical fountain will captivate guests and provide a memorable experience for all who stop to watch the colourful bursts of water dance in sync with the music.

Shopping Mall Musical Fountain Shows

Shopping Mall Musical Fountain Shows

The world’s leading musical fountain show experts!

Designing and manufacturing these unique productions is a family tradition and we strive to exceed all expectations; our family name and reputation depends on being the best! Three generations of the Przystawik family have worked tirelessly to bring clients an unbeatable level of quality and we have gained international recognition as the world’s foremost leaders in water, light and music productions.

Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from the competition and we have proof of quality and reliability. Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios and Jordan’s Furniture have already discovered the benefits of having a musical fountain on-site. Liquid Fireworks has over 60 patents pertaining to fountain designs and since every one if tailored to your needs, each show is 100% unique.

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