Residential Floating Fountain Displays

Our residential floating fountain displays are a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor venue. Each show is tailored to your requirements and will have its own unique personality. An indoor musical water and light show has the advantage of being installed in a controlled environment and can be seen in any lighting or weather conditions.

Alternatively, we can install a display in an outdoor venue which will have a natural backdrop and can be set up with a greater maximum height. We specialise in adding entertaining features to homes of distinction which have extraordinary architecture, views and/or landscaping. Sophisticated floating fountain displays are a fantastic way to thrill your guests and give them an amazing memorable experience.

Residential Floating Fountain Displays

Residential Floating Fountain Displays

Our musical productions are designed to float in the following ways:

Floating fountain display with self-contained floatation

Our shows, including the pool, can float on a barge in deep water. This barge can be built to look like an island. Again, since the pool water can be treated, maintenance is kept to a minimum. A barge also provides the ability to move, or reorient the show, if desired.

Residential fountain floating on a barge

Shows can be floated in large bodies of waters such as lakes. The show mechanism is contained within a floatation system composed of large diameter stainless steel tubing. The advantage is the ability to rise and fall with the natural variations of water depth found in lakes and ponds. Disadvantages are increased cost of construction and maintenance. Since open water is not readily treatable, algae growth requires regular cleaning of the submersible lamps – typically once or twice a week.

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