Pond Musical Water Fountain Displays

Our musical water fountain displays look absolutely stunning set in a large pond. Whether you are looking to impress guests visiting your fine property or putting on a full paid-for display as part of your business, we have exactly what you are looking for! An outdoor setting offers a beautiful backdrop for a light show and the potential for a large scale display with great height.

Colourful waters burst, dance, sway and twist across the sky in time with music; high-tech dichroic filters ensure that colours appear up to four times brighter than average fountains. We have designed our shows to be seen day or night so time is no barrier with our system. Our displays have all the grace of ballet and the excitement of fireworks, meaning there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Shopping Mall Musical Fountain Shows

Shopping Mall Musical Fountain Shows

Put on an amazing display in any pond with our musical fountains

The idea for the dancing fountain was first conceived over 90 years ago and we have over 70 years’ experience as exclusive water attraction manufacturers. We are proud to set the world standard for water, light and music spectaculars, with 3 generations of expertise under our belt. Clients come to Liquid Fireworks to get displays for their pond because we have a reputation for quality and reliability.

Your bespoke dancing water show will never miss a beat and it works out as fantastic value for money since maintenance, servicing and operating costs are kept so low. Many of our displays have been running for years with only the occasional burned out light needing to be replaced. There are various ways we can install a fountain, with the most common being in pools. Shows can also be floated in large bodies of water, set on a platform in a very large pool or the entire show (including a pool) can be floated on a barge.

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