Musical Water Display System

Three generations of the Przystawik family have worked to provide clients with the best musical water display system in the world. We are internationally recognized as the leading producers of music, water and light shows with 70 years of industry experience under our belts. Our team are experts in their field and as an exclusive manufacture of music fountains with a commitment to excellence, we assure you that our services are second to none.

The family name depends on us maintaining an excellent reputation and we are proud to keep up this family tradition. We have set the world standard for dancing fountains that we know will benefit your business. They are an incredible popular attraction for any type of venue which can act as self-standing, money-making features that people will travel from far and wide to pay to watch.

Musical Water Display System

Musical Water Display SystemWorld leaders in musical water system installation

Starting out with small scale displays for restaurants, Liquid Fireworks has grown to become the supplier of choice for major attractions including Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World. Our spectacular musical water displays combine beauty and excitement with space-age technology to produce an unmissable show that is tailored to your requirements.

We can size and adapt our systems to suit any setting, making them versatile and truly unique. Fountains of water dance, sway and leap in time to the music; this can lead to a graceful or thrilling experience, or any kind of atmosphere you wish to create. Venues featuring our shows boast a high rate of repeat customers which is a big benefit for any business! A bespoke water show can run for years at a time with little maintenance and never miss a beat.

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