Liquid Fireworks is the leading musical dancing light fountain company in the world. We have designed and built bespoke products for many major venues, such as Disney, Universal Studios and Seaworld. Liquid Fireworks has been an established company within this industry for more than 70 years, providing small and large systems that look spectacular both indoors and outdoors. We can install musical dancing light fountains in no time and once the fountain is fully set up, it will require hardly any servicing and can run all year round.

Musical Dancing Light Fountain Company

The benefits of choosing Liquid Fireworks for your musical dancing light fountains

Musical Dancing Light Fountain CompanyHere at Liquid Fireworks we use the best equipment and materials to create our musical dancing light fountains. The lights that we use for our projects are the brightest available on the market as they consist of dichroic filters; this means that no matter the weather, they will be visible from anywhere. Our versatile systems can be adapted to suit any venue as each is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Let us know what your requirements are and we’ll provide you with a musical dancing light fountain that fulfils your needs. Our industry knowledge is unmatched and we have experience of installing our products in all kinds of settings, from auditoriums and shopping centres to restaurants and theme parks. Our water shows gain a huge amount of attention and can potentially generate a large capital through setting up admission charges; every year, we host the Waltzing Waters on Isle of Wight which has millions of visitors from all over Europe!


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