Bring any outdoor space to life with a unique lake music fountain display, designed to your specific requirements. Recognised as the world’s foremost leaders in water, light and music productions, Liquid Fireworks is the number one choice! We pride ourselves on the quality of our productions, which are guaranteed to never miss a beat. Colourful sprays dance and jump in time with music, enthralling guests and creating a public sensation.

An outdoor installation has the potential for a much larger display, since there is no set height limit, and there is the added bonus of aesthetically pleasing surroundings. The whole show can be floated on the lake and no matter what the weather brings, our dancing fountain will be clear to see. Any time of day or night, our productions are an incredible sight and once it has been installed, your show will need very little maintenance.

Lake Music Fountain Display

What are the benefits of choosing Liquid Fireworks as your lake music fountain installers?

Lake Music Fountain Display

The fact that these products can run for years at a time makes them extremely cost effective; we are more than happy to provide proof of reliability and discuss the benefits of our system, just get in touch! We are confident that we provide clients with the greatest entertainment value for the money found anywhere. This is why we are so popular around the world and our designs are enjoyed by visitors to many of the biggest parks including Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios.

Our expertise spans three generations and it all started when German inventor, Otto Przystawik, conceived the idea in the 1920’s. Since then we have become the world’s only manufacturer dedicated exclusively to the development and construction of music fountains. We are committed to excellence and our family name depends on us being the very best in the industry.

To order your bespoke music fountain today from the experts, contact us online or call (239) 574-5181