Hotel Water And Light Show

A hotel water and light show is a spectacular way to entertain guests. Our knowledge of dancing fountains spans 3 generations and no other company in the world can claim to have a greater understanding of these systems. Our patented designs are displayed globally in both residential and commercial settings as they can be adapted to suit any space with ease.

Clients come to us because they want the best value in the entertainment industry and we strive to exceed your expectations. With our expertise and proof of reliability it is no wonder that we set the world standard for water, light and music shows. As an exclusive manufacturer of fountains, we are proud to say that we never miss a beat and have found that virtually any venue serving the public can benefit from our products.

Hotel Water And Light Show

Hotel Water And Light ShowHow will a music, water and light show benefit my hotel?

We create a memorable experience that features bursts of brightly colored water leaping and swaying in time with music. One of our bespoke fountains will add an entertaining feature to your property that thrills both owners and guests.

High-tech dichroic filters keep our lights up to four times brighter than standard systems so they can be seen perfectly well day or night, rain or shine. Maintenance and operating costs are low which makes our shows great value for money whilst boasting a very high rate of repeat customers. Choose from an array of colours and routines that will make your hotel stand out from the crowd and keep guests captivated.

Talk to us today about adding value to your hotel with a dancing water and light show!

Our team is more than happy to openly discuss the benefits of our designs and how our shows and equipment differ from all other fountain products on the market. Simply give us a call on (239) 574-5181 or contact us online.