Custom Music Fountain Manufacturer

Liquid Fireworks is the world’s only custom music fountain manufacturer dedicated exclusively to developing and constructing musical water and light displays. We have three generations of expertise in this field and over 70 years of experience putting on impressive fountain shows. This wealth of knowledge guarantees our clients the best possible results and our commitment to excellence drives us forward.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we have proof of reliability; our specialists are more than happy to discuss the benefits of choosing our system over other products on the market. We are proud to be the foremost leaders in music, water and light productions and are the custom music fountain manufacturer of choice for many large organisations around the world. This includes famous parks such as Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World where are shows are seen by thousands of visitors.

Custom Music Fountain Manufacturer

Custom Music Fountain Manufacturer

We are the finest, most experienced custom music fountain manufacturers in the world!

Our shows can be scaled up and down, depending on your requirements which makes them a popular choice for both fine homes and larger outdoor public displays with paying audiences. Your display is custom manufactured and as our client you control every element. Choose your preferred routine and colours from the vast array we have on offer, then let our installers transform your venue quickly and efficiently into a place of magic and awe.

Over the years we have created musical fountains within auditoriums, shopping malls, restaurants and many other spaces in need of a beautiful, entertaining water feature. The custom music fountains we manufacture are up to four times brighter than standard fountain lights because we are the first ever company to use high-tech dichroic filters (these are much lighter and more saturated than gel or glass).

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