Commercial Water Displays

With clients such as Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World, you can trust that our water displays are the best in the industry. Our commercial water displays are also very reliable, needing little service after installation and running without any issue for months on end. We also boast over 70 years experience in the industry, spanning 3 generations of our family. This is why we have expert, industry-leading knowledge and can offer you the best advice and service possible.

Our commercial water displays are perfect for any venue, indoors or outdoors, large or small. Whether it’s a theme park or a restaurant, our water displays will bring an unforgettable experience to your customers. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable installers will give you the best service possible and make sure your fountain is set up to your exact specifications. With our water displays being 100% bespoke and customisable, we can set it up to meet your requirements.

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Bespoke Floating Fountain Installation

Our bespoke commercial water displays can be adapted to any size!

This flexibility makes them ideal for commercial and domestic settings both large and small. Also, with our state-of-the-art dichroic filters, colours will be 4 times as colourful and bright as ordinary fountain lights. This means even in the daytime, the fountains will produce a spectacular light show that will be sure to bring in the crowds. Our water displays are very versatile, with the ability to even be installed on a floated barge, lake, pools or other large body of water. Our extensive knowledge of commercial water features means no matter the environment, we will be able to account for all variables such as wind, time of day, temperature, spatial restrictions and so on. No matter the challenge, Liquid Fireworks is here to meets your needs and requirements.

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