We are the world’s number one commercial floating fountain installation team, working with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Our spectacular displays can be seen in action at many major resorts and act as a big crowd puller, generating revenue for our clients on a daily basis. Liquid Fireworks have been in the musical fountain business for more than 70 years and we are proud to lead this sector.

Three generations of expertise as an exclusive music fountain manufacturer means that our productions are now the most talked about and successful attractions of their kind. They make real commercial sense as simply having one of our units installed on the premises is enough to draw in a big audience. Our priority remains a commitment to excellence and to our customers. This work ethic and a team of dedicated specialists working around the clock to deliver outstanding results has been instrumental in connecting with clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and Jordan’s Furniture.

Commercial Floating Fountain Installation

Commercial Floating Fountain Installation

Discover the benefits of a bespoke floating fountain for your business!

Our shows never miss a beat which means your business can continue to run smoothly, safe in the knowledge that your fountain display will run for years with minimal maintenance required. Venues serving the public find our products to be particularly beneficial as they are a proven crowd pleaser, adding tremendous value with low running costs.

A floating fountain is equally impressive when situated indoors or outdoors, as the coloured lights are clear and vibrant in any environment. We have experience of carrying out installations in auditoriums, shopping malls, restaurants and many other settings, with installations in pools proving to be the most popular. Your floating fountain can be placed on a large body of water such as a lake or the entire show (including a pool) can be floated on a barge.

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